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      The company has a complete CAD / CAPP design system, new product development capability in more than 60 kinds per year, the company strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO / TS16949 quality system to carry out product design and development, implemented by the design and development, manufacturing, the bearing application of Product Lifecycle Management ; the product has many advantages in Heavy-duty Trucks, Auto Gearbox, Transmission, Engineering Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, can provide users with improved bearing solutions.
      The company has 17 various patents; involved in 2 the drafting and development of national standards; 6 series of products have been rated as outstanding new products in Gansu Province, where a series of products have national key new products, 5 scientific and technological achievements municipal science and technology progress Award.

      HL Bearings has full-time technical developing staff 130 persons, including 7 persons with senior professional titles, 5 persons from industry professional committee, 1 visiting professor and 1 municipal leading scientist; it’s the first professional and technical personnel team for the development of innovative high-performance bearings in Tianshui city.




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