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      ABOUT HL
      ? President’s Address
      ? HL Introduction
      ? History
      ? Honor
      ? Leading Care
      ? International communication
      ? Quality System
      ? Culture
      ? Equipments
      ? Organization
      ? Projects & Development
      ABOUT HL > Culture
      source:Hailin Zhongke

      Enterprise Motto: 
        Reliance, Pragmatism, Diligence, Innovation, Development, Win-Win
      Staffs: Staffs are the most valuable wealth for a company. The improvement of staffs’ competence and expertise levels decide the company’s wealth growth. Staffs’ benefits and living standard reflect the company’s business performance.
      Products: Products are the vector of company’s management and development and all other activities. Staffs’ salary and company performance all come about through the products.
      Quality: The quality of both products and management are the lifeline and assistor of company’s development.
      Markets: Market is a measure of enterprise management activities, and a standard of verifying whether the company owns core competitiveness or not.
      Management: Scientifically using all kinds of rules, laws and regulations, and arousing as much the enthusiasm of workers, together with deciding rationally, planning integrate, utilizing limited resources and workers will produce the products satisfying market demands, and then supply to the markets. These efforts will avail the enterprise in achieving double profit; wealth accumulation and social value come true.
      HL Humane Spirit:
        Endeavoring spirit with sunshine and confidence
        Fighting spirit with fortitude and perseverance
        Pragmatic spirit with reliance and diligence
        Conscientious spirit with duty and responsibility
        Learning spirit with modesty and progress
        Reforming spirit for scientific development
        Innovating spirit for creative novelty
        Team spirit for sincere cooperation
        Market service spirit for customers’ satisfaction
        Mutual benefit spirit for win-win and development

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