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      ABOUT HL > HL Introduction
      source:Hailin Zhongke

        From: Hailin Zhongke Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science& Technology Co., Ltd was founded by Tianshui Hailin Bearing Factory as the main body shareholder in 2001. The company is a large scale backboned enterprise in Chinese bearing industries and one of the first batch enterprises for manufacturing export products. Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science& Technology Co., Ltd, a specialized bearing manufacture, is one of China’s 500 top enterprises in Machinery building industry, the biggest exporting manufacturer of machinery & electrical products in Gansu province.The annual production capability and sales volume are RMB600 million separately. With more than 3000 sizes, the company mainly produces tapered roller bearings both in Inch and Metric size, cylindrical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings and car hub bearing units. Tapered roller bearings are HL’s major products. HL’s production capability, out put, quality level and technical forces for tapered roller bearings are at top level in Chinese bearing industries. HL products are widely used in the OEM markets of automotive industries, electrical motors, engineering construction machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgical equipments, chemical machinery, gear boxes and machine tools both in China and aboard, and have honored the title of “excellent products” during these years when being spot-checked by national industry. The products accuracy class can meet the P6 and P5 level. The company passed quality system audit and approval of ISO/TS16949 by TUV Group in November 2005, and got the certificate in January 2006.
        In 1992, Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science& Technology Co.,Ltd set up Tianshui Hailin Import & export Co.,Ltd as its subsidiary corporation. Tianshui Hailin Import & export Co.,Ltd is an integrated import & export company, and committed to international markets with about $50 million export volume annually. The company has a history of more than 20 years in exporting bearings. Now bearings are well accepted in 30 countries and areas. Besides exporting bearings, automotive parts, standard components, metallic tool, machine tool, machinery equipments, engineering construction machinery and electric appliances all included.
        Customers’ satisfaction is HL’s service principle!
        Strategic union is HL’s cooperation mode!
        Mutual benefit is HL’s business goal!

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