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      ABOUT HL
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      ABOUT HL > History
      The Second Stage (1982-1995)
      source:Hailin Zhongke

      ●In June 1982, HL Bearings was moved to the current location, Tianshui city, and merged Tianshui Diesel Engine Factory and Tianshui Tractor Gear Factory. After removal and incorporation, the name of the new enterprise remained HL, but its products were just bearings. In October 1986, all the removal work was finished and new HL was basically formed, with the original Tianshui Diesel Engine Factory being North Area of HL and Tianshui Gear Factory being the south one of HL. The main contact address of HL is the address of the North Area, which is 55Minshan Road, Tianshui, Gansu, China. By the time, the employees reached more than 4000 and the major manufacturing equipments were from original HL, but the productivity was not expanded.
      ●On September 24th, 1987, the Machinery and Electrical Exporting Bureau of the State Council of China authorized the HL as enterprise which exports machinery and electrical products to expand foreign trade autonomy. In 1988, the foreign exchange earning of HL broke through 2 million dollars for the first time. Thus, HL was called Export Advanced Enterprise by both the Electromechanical Department and Gansu Province. In January, 1989, the Tapered Roller Bearing with the size ranging from 7511E to 7516E was honored as the High Quality Product of Gansu Province. In August, HL was approved as the enterprise for manufacturing export products by the Machinery and Electrical Exporting Bureau of the State Council of China and the Ministry of Foreign Trade.
      ●With the introduction of the economic adjustment, structural reform and market economy, HL was also converted into the enterprise which had to market its products by itself and be responsible for its profit and loss from the one for whose products sale the state was responsible. In 1990, HL established sales network in 12 central cities, and the sales network reached 18 in 1997, which laid the foundation for the HL to anticipate in the market competition. Besides HL also became the model in the sales system of the bearing industries. At the time, among the 65 back-boned and important enterprises, HL sales was in top 15.
      ●In 1990, HL was rated as the Advanced Enterprise of the Foreign Trade Earning of the year all over the province. In May, it was named to be the Advanced Enterprise of the Seventh Five-Year Plan of China. On October 6th, the Gansu Provincial Government authorized HL to be the provincial enterprise. And on November 21st, HL was allowed to engage in the import and export business by the Provincial Foreign Trade Department .
      ●In early 1992, in order to comply with the situation, in line with the principle of one business dominated and several other business developed together, HL decided to set up ten branches of HL including Hailin Import and Export Corporation, Hailin Marketing Company, Hailin Material Supply and Marketing Company, Hailin Instrument Distribution Company, Hailin Mechanical and Electrical development Company, Hailin Industrial Development Company, Hailin Transportation Company, Hailin Construction and Installation Company, Hailin Science and Technology Development Company and Hailin Repair & Build Branch.

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