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      ABOUT HL > History
      The First Stage (1966-1981)
      source:Hailin Zhongke

      ●In response to the call of the Third-Line Construction, invested by the 1st Ministry of Machinery of China, Tianshui Bearing Factory was founded in May, 1966, located near Liziyuan Shiguanzi village of the Tianshui County, which is about 60 kilometers from current Tianshui city.
      ●Then, the 1st Ministry of Machinery of China was responsible for the design of the Tianshui Bearing Factory, and Loyang Bearings Plant was in charge of its construction, removal as well as production. With the factory areas 18947 square meters and total investigation 11.98 million, Tianshui Bearing Factory had 724 equipments and 1468 employees, and designed to manufacture 43 varieties bearings of type “2” and “7” two million sets every year. 
      ●On October 22nd 1966, the name of Tianshui Bearing Factory was changed into Hailin Bearing Factory (HL Bearings for short). And it was on that day that Hailin Bearing Factory performed the construction foundation-laying ceremony. 
      ●At the end of 1968, the main plant of the HL Bearings was basically completed and the total investigation was about 30.29 million. After that, Luoyang Bearing Plant shifted the equipments to the plants and some new ones also began to be installed. Besides, the workers, the engineers and technical staffs, as well as the managers were also at work.
      ●In May 1969, HL Bearings began its trial production. And on July 1st, the first batches of size “7606” bearings were assembled successfully. 460 pieces bearings were produced in the year.
      ●Since put into production officially in 1970, HL Bearings transferred and recruited all kinds of human resources from Luoyang Bearing Plant, Lanzhou, Qin’an, Pingliang and Minxian. In addition, HL also recruited graduate students from Hunan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xian Jiaotong University, Lanzhou University, Tianjin University, Northwestern University, Hefei University of Technology, Gansu University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Machinery, Shanghai Institute of Machinery, Harbin Institute of Machinery, Shanxi Heavy Machinery Institute, Wuhan Institute of Machinery and so on. Hereafter, the total employees of HL reached 2600 in a few years and became one of the enterprises with most employees in Tianshui.  The management of HL was handed over to Gansu province by the 1st Ministry of Machinery of China on November 11th. From then on, HL was subjected to the Mechanical and Industrial Bureau of Gansu province. In September 1979, the tapered roller bearing, 7307, won the title of reliable products and quality products in Gansu Province.
      ●After 1980, due to the re-adjustment of the national economy, the production of the mechanical products declined a lot and the bearings encountered poor sales. HL began to produce the Deep Groove Ball Bearings in the same year and completed the production of the first batch ball bearings 5000 pieces, which expanded the product channel for the Development Road of HL. Till then, HL became a large scale back-boned enterprise in Chinese bearing industries that could produce four categories and more than 2000 kinds of the bearings. In September 1981, the tapered roller bearing, 7208, has been awarded the title “High qualified” products in Gansu Province.  

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