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      B101036A Hub Bearing Unit

         Based on the design of the single-rowed tapered roller bearing, it is a double-rowed bearing with integral outer ring, and the two raceways form a symmetrical structure. The inner ring is connected together through a lock ring and it has a sealing structure. The lubricating grease is directly added when the bearing is assembled into a hub bearing unit.

         The product has the following advantages: the overall design is computer optimized design, and the contact surfaces of the inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements adopt convexity design and processing, it does not need to adjust the bearing clearance and has a sealing device, and the bearing assembly process is rationalized. Lightweight and miniaturized, it can improve reliability, and the load capacity is large, it has the advantages of lower cost, high load capacity, low starting friction torque, shortened effective load spacing and low noise.

         It can meet the requirements of high-precision, heavy-load, long-life and high-ability for heavy-duty vehicle wheels.

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