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      Cooperation and Exchange Forum

        The cooperation and exchange forum co-sponsored by Tianshui Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Tianshui Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Hailin Company was held in Tianshui Hotel On May 28th. More than 100 people attended the forum, including experts in domestic bearing and relevant industries, leaders of relevant municipal departments, representatives of municipal key enterprises, customer representatives and representatives of HL company. The forum was chaired by Mr Kang, director of Tianshui Industry and Information Technology Bureau.

        With the start of the forum, vice mayor Jing Dan delivered a speech. He hoped that most of the experts attending the meeting would contribute to the industrial development of Tianshui City. At the same time, he also hoped that HL Company could seize the opportunity, further explore and innovate to become stronger, and make greater contributions to the development and expansion of Tianshui manufacturing industry and revitalize the strong spirit of Tianshui industrial economy. He said that Tianshui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will use the platform to actively explore diversified ways of cooperation, promote enterprises ' complementary advantages, strive to create greater space for all exchanges and cooperation, create a better platform to achieve collaborative innovation and win-win development.

      At the forum, HL Company signed a technical cooperation agreement with Xi ' an Jiaotong University and Chinese Academy of Sciences-Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics.

        Subsequently, several leaders from different units respectively gave special lectures related to the bearings and development.

        This forum is mainly for the development of bearing industry, modern bearing design, lubrication materials and technology, lean management and intelligent manufacturing to carry out seminars and cooperation exchanges, it is of positive significance to make up for Tianshui bearing industry supply chain shortcomings and shortage, improve the level of bearing technology, promote the cluster and modernization of bearing industry .


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