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      School-enterprise cooperation training
      source:Hailin Zhongke

        On May 10th, the teachers and students of Henan University of Science and Technology came to HL company for training. General manager Bao Guangli, deputy general manager Shi Yi, minister of human resources Zhang Bin, teachers and 26 college students from Henan University of Science and Technology attended the training opening ceremony.

        At the meeting, Bao Guangli first introduced our company’s relocation history, current development situation, future vision, and main product-tapered roller bearings and new CNC equipment to the teachers and students one by one. It is hoped that through this training to deepen the exchanges between our company and Henan University of Science and Technology to get a further cooperation. Besides, he urges college students to pay attention to safety during the training, and wish them a happy work.

        The deputy general manager Shi Yi gave a detailed explanation to the college students from the aspects of product processing CNC equipment, testing instruments, processing procedures, bearing research and development, etc., and hoped that the college students would integrate theory with practice in the training, and timely enquiry the technicians about the problems they find.

        The two assistant deans of Henan University of Science and Technology stated that this training was also carried out on the basis of the cooperation with the company in the early stage. In the later stage, they hope to have more in-depth cooperation with the company and require college students to strictly in the two-week training process abide by the rules and regulations of HL, and deeply learn about the bearings manufacturing and the corporate culture of "Hailin".

        Subsequently, the teachers and students of Henan University of Science and Technology visited production workshops and took a souvenir photo.

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