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      Lean Management Training

        With the start of lean management project, on April 8, HL held a "Lean Management Training on Leadership Part ". General manager Bao Guangli, deputy general manager Yang Liping, Shi Yi and Zheng Wenkui, Yao Jinguo, Deputy General Manager Zhang Baoxin, general manager assistant Wang Jingjun, Zhang Wenquan and the middle-level managers and related personnel of each department as well as some members from the Lingong participated in this training. The training session was hosted by Zheng Wenkui.

        This training was lectured by Fu Zhengzhou, minister of Human Resources of Lingong Group. Fu explained the goals and content of leadership and the goals and priorities in each stage of leadership development through the combination of theory and case. He hoped that HL's lean management team would participate positively and learn actively to find solutions.

        After the training, Zheng Wenkui made a concluding speech that hoping everyone to summarize the lean thinking mode and essence, work in conjunction with one’s own post, be  willing to continue to improve and do some specific work.

        Through this training, everyone learned how to use scientific thinking methods to do a good job in management, and learn how to cultivate high-quality leaders with influential charm for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and help HL have a better and faster innovation and development.

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